Sunday, 27 September 2015

Power to the Jungle Library! Posted by Rowan Farrell on FB: September 27th 2015

Yesterday was a very good day for the Jungle Books Library Calais - . We got the new generator working, three laptops on the go and the lights on! So we are now open till 9pm instead of just when the sun goes down. 
Great response from the software, perfect for beginners. After I had taught one guy how to use a mouse, he was on it for hours. One of the kids who hangs around knew exactly where to find the games. And I am talking with an Ethiopian friend (who recently finished a masters in data mining) about how to improve and what other software to add. 
We do need something else for the more advanced students. Many say their reading is fine it's just talking and listening. I guess nothing replaces real language practice. 
The next challenge is internet.

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